The recent news about the first “Dalit Sikh” becoming Chief Minister Punjab has brought everybody’s attention to the Caste system being practiced amongst Sikhs. Though in Principle Sikhism rejects the caste system in reality we can see it is being prominent amongst Sikhs. Even the Shiromani Kirtaniye like Bhai Nirmal Singh JI Ragi faced discrimination because of his caste.

I am a 5th generation Sikh. My great grandfather converted from an Upper caste Hindu (Patil- Marathi) to Sikh because he was impressed by the teachings of Sikhism. So unlike most of the Punjabi’s I did not get Sikhism in inheritance…

Little things, big impact

Motivation does not have to come from positive people/comments. It does not have to come from negative either. Sometimes a tiny insignificant incident in your life or a casual comment from someone can lead to a very important change in your life.

Like in 2019, one of my friend had called me . While discussing he asked me if I am looking for any Onsite opportunity (outside India)? I said I want to and I am thinking about that. To this he said, Sochta hi rahega kya? (Will you keep thinking or do something about it?). That comment had clicked…

I have compiled list of some useful VSCode extenstion which I use on daily basis. Most of the tools automates my tasks. Which helpe me focus on coding without worrying about other stuffs like formatting and reloading browser after saving etc.

I am a frontend developer so this list is focused on Frontend development only


This is very useful extenstion for code formatting. I enabled auto save on format so that I do not have to worry about formatting when coding.

Lorem ipsum / Lorem whatever

If you want to enter dummy text in your webpage this is right tool for you.

Live server

Live server helps…

Human race is the most intelligent and successful species on earth today. We have achieved so much. But somewhere along that all achievements we forgot that we don’t own this planet. We are just sharing it with other species as well.

By constantly destroying forests, polluting water/air/earth/ even outer space , we are being irresponsible towards nature.

When a person buys something, he thinks that he owns it. That is not entirely true. We do not truly own anything, even if we pay for it.

For ex: We buy a shirt by paying a specific amount and we think we…

This post includes recommendations about Movies/ TV Series and Books. They are in random order. I will keep updating this list


  1. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  2. Ek Onkar Satnam by Osho Rajneesh (Hindi/Punjabi)
  3. Toba Tek Singh By Manto (Hindi)
  4. 1984 George Orwell
  5. Animal Farm George Orwell
  6. Brief History of time Stephen Hawkins
  7. Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma



Two and a half men

Breaking Bad

Rick and Morty


How I met your mother


Documentry / Docuseries

Ram ke Naam by Anand Patwardhan (Hindi)

Sikkim by Satyajit Ray

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Minimalism: A Documentary About the…

In Javascript , Scope is set of functions/ variables/objects you have access to. Javascript (ES5) provides functional scope. Which means you can access all the variables, functions etc which is declared within function. All variables, functions, objects declared within the scope act as if they were declared at the start of scope. This behaviour is known as Hoisting.

To understand the hoisting, lets go through few examples:


var global = “global”;
function scopeFunction () {
var local = “local”;
console.log(global); // global
console.log(local); // local


var global = “global”;
function scopeFunction () {
console.log(global); //global
console.log(local); …

A couple of days back there was one issue at my workplace. It has been found that code reviews are taking more time than expected. There has been the discussion going on around this to solve this problem. During the discussion, a teammate suggested: “Let’s create some process to reduce delay time in Code reviews.”

This is the most common pattern I see in workplaces. If something goes wrong people just start a new process to fix that. But most of the time we may not need a new process to solve a specific problem. For example, the problem with…


Frontend Engineer with more than 10 years of industry experience. Worked with different frontend famework including react, angular, knockouJS, ember etc

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